Warriors News · 2019-2020 Winter Sport Registrations are now OPEN!

La Plata Athletics Paperwork is now ONLINE!

  1. Go to the following link, select Athletic Team Registration and fill out all required fields. https://laplata-ar.rschooltoday.com/
  2. Get a doctors physical and upload the physical form to the website.
  3. Having trouble, here is a how to video… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlJzA9IpqjU&feature=youtu.be
  4. Impact Tests are required once in your high school career.http://laplataathletics.org/hq/impact-test-concussion-testing/
  5. You are Done!

No more hassle of turning in paperwork or finding your coach.  Once your paperwork is complete the Athletic Director will check your eligibility and send it on to your coach.

You can download the physical form right from the website above or from www.laplataathletics.org.

Remember you must be cleared online by the Athletic Director before you can participate.  Registrations are due by noon before the first day of practice.  Any registrations submitted after this time will not be able to practice until the next practice day.


Fall, Winter, and Spring Sport Registrations will close when…

Upon the official start of the sports season, and at the conclusion of one calendar week thereafter, all applicable tryout opportunities will close, cuts will be made as appropriate, and the roster set. Students are responsible for contacting the Athletic Director or Head Coach of the sport in question if there are any questions about the specific dates of the tryouts. No additions to the team will be accepted once final cuts have been made. Any special consideration otherwise, will be subject to final approval by the Athletic Director and the Head Coach of the sport in question.