Warriors News · Updated Fall Off Season Conditioning



Below are the following sports who have reported conditioning times to the Athletic Director.


Boys Soccer

  • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
    • Group A – 7:30 – 8:15
    • Group B – 8:30 – 9:15
    • Group C – 9:30 – 10:15


  • Monday-Thursday 8AM-9:30 AM


  • Tuesday and Thursdays 8-845 am and 9- 945 am


No other Sports have been reported to have Off Season Conditioning at this time.  Check back daily to see if this changes.  The CCPS Athletic Guidelines have been provided below.  These protocols must be followed by any and all participants.  Please understand that if at any point these protocols are not followed then all of La Plata HS workouts will be cancelled for 3 days minimum.



Charles County Public Schools Summer Athletic Conditioning Protocols


These operating procedures align with guidance from the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA), Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and Charles County Health Department mandates and recommendations.


These procedures provide guidance and interpretations of the Charles County Public Schools Out-of-Season Participation Regulations which summarize MPSSAA and CCPS standards and expectations as it relates to out-of-season activities involving school teams and coaches.  The health and safety of our student athletes and our coaching staff is our top priority.


Guiding Principles

For the Phase Two or Increased Risk level, the following guiding principles apply:


  1. CCPS coaches may engage in in-person contact with student athletes for conditioning purposes. These conditioning sessions may only take place during summer business hours (7:30 AM to 3:30 PM).  Conditioning sessions should be limited to 90 minutes.
  2. Cohort groups (1 coach and up to 14 student athletes) must be constant from workout to workout – Do not mix students from different cohort groups. Coaches are to set up the cohort groups before conditioning workouts begin.
  3. Any virtual contact with students must occur on CCPS-approved platforms such as MS Teams.
  4. Optional in person conditioning sessions are allowed, per the parameters that follow in this document. Students must have a current physical on file and a signed COVID-19 consent form to participate in these in person conditioning sessions. (Information may be submitted on line as part of the athletic registration.)
  5. Coaches may not conduct team-specific practices in-person or virtually prior to the start of the fall season. During the summer, no CCPS teams exist and MPSSAA regulations do not allow for offseason practices.
  6. School coaching staffs may meet for sport-specific instruction with up to two returning student-athletes per day, per MPSSAA regulations. (Provide names and dates to athletic director – outside only)
  7. Regarding the well-being of students during the global pandemic, coaches may provide two one-hour virtual sessions per week to check in with students to provide guidance and encouragement. Such sessions may not be team practices nor include team-specific instruction.
  8. Any virtual engagement by coaches with students must be communicated to the athletic director and must include the athletic director as invitees for each such meeting.
  9. Coaches must comply with all CCPS policies, regulations, code of conduct, athletic handbook, and other previously established expectations when meeting with students. Coaches should not meet one-on-one with students and must use CCPS-approved virtual platforms.


  1. In case of a weather emergency while conditioning outside –the students will go into the building, maintain social distancing, and use the gymnasium and/or the cafeteria with their cohort workout groups. Designated areas must be pre-arranged between the athletic director and the school principal. A coach must be with each group at all times.


  1. Get In, Get Your Workout, Get Out is our general concept. Do not hang out at the facility






Conditioning Programs

In-person conditioning programs may begin on July 13, 2020.  These programs must strictly follow the following guidelines and procedures.  Any program is found not following these guidelines will be cancelled indefinitely. 



Health Related Guidelines


  1. Pre-Participation Physicals: All students participating in summer conditioning must have a current physical on file with the school.
  2. Covid-19 Acknowledgement Form: All students participating in summer conditioning must have a signed acknowledgement form on file with the school.
  3. Contact Tracing Form: Complete the Contract Tracing Form for record keeping for each cohort and conditioning session.


Operational Guidelines- Weight rooms are NOT open at this time but the following guidelines must  be followed when they are available.


  1. Entrance/Exit Plans:
    1. All weight rooms must have a hand washing or hand sanitizing station at the entrance/exit door.
    2. Anyone entering or exiting the weight room must wash/sanitize their hands.
    3. If there is an exterior door and temperatures allow, it is always preferred to have doors left open allowing fresh air into the room.
  2. Number of Participants:
    1. There may not be more than 15 people (including the coach) in the weight room at any time.
    2. This may be a combination of coaches and players but may not exceed 15 persons.
  3. Face Coverings:
    1. Face coverings are required for anyone not currently engaged in lifting.
    2. Face coverings are preferred for the person performing lifting unless temperatures in the weight room prohibit them from breathing properly with the covering.
    3. Face coverings are not required on anyone doing outdoor workouts.
  4. Hydration and Cooling:
    1. Sharing of water bottles is strictly prohibited and athletes should bring their own water.
    2. Sharing of towels or any other cooling device is strictly prohibited.
    3. All CCPS heat guidelines must be followed when temperatures are above ninety degrees.
  5. Locker Rooms and Bathrooms:
    1. Locker rooms should not be used at this time.
    2. Only one designated bathroom should be used for all participants to keep tracking and cleaning more efficient.(When weight rooms are opened)
  6. Athletic Equipment:
    1. Any equipment used must be cleaned after each use.Example: bar and bench must be wiped after each person lifts.
    2. Any clothing such as gloves or towels etc. must be washed every day.


  1. Gradual Return to Conditioning:
    1. Because many athletes may not have been properly conditioning while out of school a gradual plan to return to normal must be followed.
    2. Please reference the NFHS plan at: nfhs.org


  1. Workout Groups:
    1. Groups may not be larger than 14 athletes.
    2. Groups must be created prior to arrival at the school.
    3. Groups must be maintained throughout the workout session for contact tracing purposes.
    4. Multiple groups may work outside at the same time with proper supervision while only one group may be in the weight room.


Summer Conditioning Workouts

  1. If a student/athlete or coach tests positive for Covid 19, all conditioning/open gym activities for that school are cancelled for three (3) days.
  2. The information will be reported to the principal of the school and to the Board of Education.
  3. An email blast will be sent to the school community.
  4. The coach will send an email blast to their team contact lists.
  5. The name of the individual or sport will not be included in any communication with the public.
  6. Every participant must arrive and leave with a face covering.
  7. Every individual must provide their own gallon jug of water (clearly marked with their name), towels, etc.In the event that the individual does not have water with them they will be sent home.
  8. Each cohort group will be assigned a classroom in the building on a daily basis.In the case of a weather or safety event, they will report to that room with their cohort coach unless they have their own car or their ride is on site to take them home.
  9. All workouts will adhere to social distancing guideline according to CDC and Governor Hogan’s recommendations.This includes before, during, and after workouts (including bathroom and water breaks)
  10. In order to participate in workouts, a student must be registered for their respective sport (valid physical, signed Covid 19 waiver, impact test).Each head coach will have a list of cleared student athletes provided by the athletic director.  If a student is not on that cleared list, they are not allowed to be at the facility to participate in the workouts.
  11. All workouts are closed.Spectators may not attend any conditioning, practice or workout session.
  12. Building service will clean the restrooms on a daily basis.For the initial stage of the workouts the outside bathrooms will be the only ones available for use by the participants.
  13. All equipment used for conditioning must be cleaned by the coaches at the end of each workout (cones, ladders, etc.)
  14. The school building is not available for use until permission is given for access to the weight room, band room, gym, etc. with the exception of a weather/safety emergency.
  15. When permission is given for access to the gym and/or weight room, the equipment must be cleaned at the end of each session/lift.
  16. The coaches will wear face coverings to model good habits for the students.



Future Updates

While conditions are ever changing regarding COVID-19, updates regarding CCPS out-of-season conditioning activities and coaching instructions will be provided as soon as available. The next update regarding summer activities is scheduled for July 21, 2020.



Steve Lee

Coordinator of Student Activities

Charles County Public Schools.