Student Athletic Trainer Program

Athletic Training Student Aide Application

Athletic Training Student Aide Handbook


Dear Athletic Training Student Aides:


Thank you for your interest in the Athletic Training Student Aide Program.  I hope by providing you with this opportunity to work under licensed athletic trainer you will learn more about the profession and help you determine your interest level in the occupation.


The athletic trainers in our organization are excellent.  Please do not hesitate to ask them questions as I believe you will find them to be more than helpful in creating a positive learning environment for you.


I wish you luck and success this year personally, academically, and as an Athletic Training Student Aide.  If we work together, try to have some fun, cooperate with each other, and stay focused on why we have this special, unique and valuable program (to provide quality medical care, and to learn about sports medical care and grow as students and people) then the  school year will turn out great.


Good Luck!


Neil Brown MPT, LAT, ATC

AT Director – RCSM

Clinic Manager – RCSM